Highly Reputed Articles: 10 Years of Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 논문 3편 선정

Springer 사에서 발행되는 국제학술지 Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 10주년을 기념하여 선정된 Highly reputed articles에 본 연구실에서 발표한 아래 논문 3편이 포함되었습니다 .


  • Jae Yong Song, Eun-Yeong Kwon and Beom Soo Kim: Biological synthesis of platinum nanoparticles using Diopyros kaki leaf extract


  • Jae Yong Song and Beom Soo Kim: Rapid biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles using plant leaf extracts


  • BeomSoo Kim, SeungChul Lee, SangYup Lee, YongKeun Chang and HoNam Chang: High cell density fed-batch cultivation of Escherichia coli using exponential feeding combined with pH-stat